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„Emilia Kun attended art schools in her Transylvanian native cities, Szatmár and Nagybánya. Emilia began her love of textile in early childhood and then enhanced her abilities by studying with talented teachers. After finishing secondary school, Emilia has studied at „Ion Andreescu Fine Arts’ Academy of Kolozsvár” (Cluj-Napoca) where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Costume and Textile Design.
Living close to nature and travelling extensively, Emilia developed a fascination with photography.
Emilia Kun has extensive experience with digital technology and its application to textile design and photography.
Emilia’s drawings reflect rich and colourful landscapes or refines and alters nature, to resemble the indefinite beauty of our environment. Emilia sees her garden, the woods around and rivers, lakes, stones and insects, butterflies or birds as inspirational sources that she cannot pass unobserved.
Emilia studies Nature and uses the perfectly simple but changing elements in her imaginary world as motifs of her desings, establishing a harminous geometric balance between the horizontals, verticals, and rhythmic concentrics. Emilia’s textiles become elements of our everyday life, decorative motifs of our interiors and festive tables or clothes.
Emilia Kun feels that high artistic achievement can only be accomplished by special effort and honest approach to life. Emilia has a rich Hungarian cultural heritage, an outstanding artistic background – Art School of Nagybánya – which has the same valuable importance in the Central-European arthistory as the Group of Seven has in Canada.
The main characteristics of Emilia Kun’s artistic world is harmony. The rythm of forms and colours is present in each piece of work she creates, because Emilia believes that every aspect of Nature is exciting, harmonious and simple.”

(Rózsa Dancs: Hungarian Chronicle, November 18, 2005; Napsziget, Nr.16. 2005, Winter)

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